Training Schedule (20 hours)

Contact us for this month’s schedule (Day and evening weekdays as well as weekend training available).  Custom schedules are available for more flexibility.  Sign up with a friend(s) to receive discounts.  

 Pre-enrollment is required

Recreational Bartending/Mixology Program Outline

Bar and it’s Equipment:
Trainees will become acquainted with the bar and the equipment they will be using while working behind it.

Setup and Breakdown:
Trainees will learn how to properly set up and breakdown a bar.

System Measurements:
Symbols, abbreviations and measurements will be covered.

Product Knowledge:
Trainees will be acquainted with the definitions and processes involved in making liquors, beers and wines.

Preparing Your Garnishes and Juices:
Trainees will learn the preparation of lemon, lime and orange garnishes. The use of cherries, olives and cocktail onions, as well as the preparation of juices will also be covered.

Mixology and Bartending:
Trainees will be taught drink recipes and will be given the opportunity to create drinks behind the bar. This will include single liquor drinks, multiple liquor drinks, rocks drinks, martinis, cream drinks, coffee drinks, layered drinks and the serving of beer and wine.

We will be offering the following in the future:

Flair Bartending Classes

TIPS certification course