Great class, Great teaching technique, Great woman. Cynthia is very welcoming and makes you feel at home while teaching. I love Cynthia ❤🙏🏽🔥. Dont get your bartending license anywhere else‼ (and she helped me find a job after my certification)
Great experience here highly highly recommend instructor makes it a very cool throught the process.
This class was such a great expierence, I had so much fun! Cynthia is a wonderful teacher! The classes are just as entertaining as they are educational. Great place to prepare yourself for any bartending jobs!
Attending Fuze Bartending was a suprisingly wonderful experience. Cynthia is not only an experienced bartender and teacher, she also makes class enjoyable and interesting. The class adequately prepares student to be comfortable in any Bartending position.
Had such a great time!Cynthia, the instructor, was awesome! I would recommend fuze bartending school if you’re looking for a positive, energetic, and down to earth teacher. By the end of the course I grew confident and learned everything there is to learn about being a bartender. Thank you Cynthia for your patience and your awesome personality!
Definitely recommend to anyone looking to actually learn how to bartend! Cynthia, the instructor, is amazing! She’s very patient and assists you every step of the way. Don’t go anywhere that charges you more and gives you half the knowledge!! I got more out of the class than just learning how to bartend. The experience was everything AND she hooks you up with bartender openings. Thank you Cynthia!
What an amazing experience at Fuze bartendering school with Cynthia! She was a terrific teacher! I learned so much and sharpened all my skills ! Could not have done this without Cynthia’s help knowledge and love for what she does! I highly recommend Fuze 5 star 100%! If you want to learn something new Try ! I promise you will not be disappointed! Thank you sooooo much Cynthia! All your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you ❤
JOIN NOW!  I took the 2 week class and had a blast with Cynthia! She is not only attentive and informative but she worked with my annoying work schedule! She made me feel at ease, and I learned a lot working with her. She is a great teacher with a wonderful spirit. I recommend taking a class with her! She also helped me with a job the same day of my completion that I am in the process of getting now.
Fuze Bartending is best described as an experience rather than a class. My instructor, Cynthia, an expert from the industry, demonstrated passion and enthusiasm in her demeanor, and extensive yet profound knowledge on the art. She insured the completion of the course; verified the edification of the students while simultaneously managing to inspire and motivate them to improve. Unregrettably and undoubtedly a fantastic course. Highly Recommend, 5/5.
I took the week long course and had a great experience. My teacher was informative and helpful. The class was small but amazing! We all helped each other learn how to remember drink recipes and had a really nice time integrating our book with our teachers experience. Although I personally had a hard time remembering certain things, my teacher and Fuze’s hands on owner, made me feel confident and believed in my skills. They are also super helpful once you get your certificate. Well worth the money and effort.
Highly recommended!!! Not only did the school look amazing inside, the classes were very informative and fun. The instructor kept it interesting and made sure I felt confident. I passed my speed test with flying colors and I landed a job a week later! Thank you Fuze!

FaceBook Reviews

Chivon SLjuicy Cruickshank   –  5 star – April 21, 2018

Cynthia is amazing. It was a pleasure working with her. She definitely helps you when needed. Answers any questions even after class hours. She’s also warm and friendly and makes you feel comfortable and confident!! Def would recommend her to anyone Interested in taking the course!! Thank you so much !!!!


Klia Lugo Lopez  –  5 star – March 30, 2018

I totally nail it! Great bartending school! I recommend if you want to be a bartender, Fuze Bartending school will be a fabulous choice.. Great teaching! Fun atmosphere! The teacher Cynthia is the best! It was a great experience learning to bartend.

Melissa Lynch –  5 star – March 29, 2018

Was a great fun class ! Cynthia is patient and and informative makes a point to have her students prepared !

Charlie Moreira –  5 star – April 2, 2017

If you’re making a career change, bartending is the perfect choice. Give Fuze Bartending a call and give yourself a new start in life and begin your new career at Fuze Bartending School.

Rosemarie Stasolla Testa 5 star – March 28, 2017

I knew nothing about mixing drinks!! Cynthia taught so thoroughly and precisely! It was such a pleasure learning from the BEST!! I highly recommend attending classes with Cynthia! I just graduated and thanks to Cynthia, I feel confident enough to jump right into Bartending!
Thank you again Cynthia… my newfound sweet friend!

Chy’nna Brown 5 star – March 26, 2017

Cynthia was a blast. She was encouraging & patient. She has great teaching skills, she gives ALL of her students attention to make sure they are where they should be, and she’s a ball of fun. I loved it

Sha Keena Godess reviewed  — 5 star – February 19, 2017
Cynthia the best instructor everrrr…..

I’d always recommend her

Jaes Johnson reviewed  — 5 star – December 14, 2016
If u wanna be the best bartender then this is the place to do it. My teacher Cynthia whom I can’t thank enough has to be the greatest. Not only do I feel like I can be a bartender I feel now with the training she gave that I can be THE BEST
Julie Elena reviewed — 5 star –  November 12, 2016

Fuze Bartending is a great school to go, if you’re interested in bartending. Cynthia is also very helpful and gives you endless chances, going here is worth it !


lafreyre September 23, 2016

Thank you Cynthia, we had such a great time learning with you!! You are amazingly patient, a true angel!! We learned so much!!! It was such a pleasure to have met you ☺ Keep doing what you’re doing cause you’re the best!! 🍾🍷🍸🍹🍺🍻 💞


Autumn Rain‎ to Fuze Bartending – August 8, 2016
Have to thank Cynthia for an amazing experience taking her course! Who would’ve thought I would learn so much in two weeks. Having such a small class was awesome bc she was able to really help individually and focus on learning the skills and drinks of a bartender. She made this class enjoyable , and I’m so thankful for the experience!
Charlie Tate Kieto reviewed — 5 star – July 30, 2016

Cynthia is the best teacher to have. Very fun class to be in. I guarantee once u finish your classes you’ll be ready to bartend ANYWHERE

Nick Smith reviewed — 5 star – April 28, 2016 
The entire course is ran perfectly from top to bottom. Cynthia the instructor is amazing and gets the best out of her students in her positive attitude and tedious efforts towards creating the best bartenders possible. I had to travel over an hour to get to the class, living on long Island, but when I say it was worth it…. Holy Cow it was worth it. If you are a bartender or want to be one, I highly recommend getting proper training from Fuze bartending. You won’t regret it!


Michael James reviewed — 5 star – February 29, 2016

Fuze was the perfect bartending experience for me. The class was small, which was great because each student got a lot of attention from the teacher (not the case at some other places from what I’ve heard). The more attention I received, the more practice, hands-on experience making drinks, and focus on correcting any mistakes/questions I may have had throughout. My instructor Cynthia was very helpful not only during the course, but afterword with my resume and job search. I found a job very quickly, and I still find myself texting Cynthia when I have questions that come up. She always responds and has been a great mentor/friend! I absolutely recommend Fuze to anyone and everyone that is interested in bartending. PS, the price was very affordable too!

Taylor Feliciano reviewed — 5 star – August 28, 2015

Fuze is a great school! The staff is lovely, and the course is legitimate. If you want to be a bartender, go to Fuze.

Erica Ali reviewed — 5 star – August 18, 2015

I would highly recommend Fuze Bartending school! Great atmosphere. The classes were fun and the instructor was extremely patient and friendly

JoNo Love reviewed — 5 star – August 19, 2015

If you’re looking for professionalism and knowledge, Fuze is where you want to be trained. Thumbs up Fuze !!!!

Emily Del Moral reviewed — 5 star – July 14, 2015

Amazing people! Great energy! Would highly recommend!!!!

Vicky L. – Bronx, NY  ~~ 8/28/2015
Awesome class! Awesome instructors! Positive environment! Learning made fun! Most definitely was money and time worth spent. Absolute great experience

Mercedes M. – Manhattan, NY  ~~ 8/26/2015
This school is awesome! The whole process was easy; helpful staff & a comfortable environment.
the course itself wasn’t as difficult as i though it would be.
it was a breeze & i can’t wait to get out in the field and show off my skills!
thanks fuze! u rock!!!!!!

C L.  – Bronx, NY   ~~ 8/25/2015
Amazing atmosphere.  Instructor was so much fun, great person.  I was worried I would not be able to do this because I knew nothing whats so ever about bartending.  The Instructor boosted my confidence and was very positive.  She told me I had nothing to worry about and she was right!  I am officially a certified bartender!!!!

Norma L.  –  Mineola, NY  ~~ 8/19/2015
Professional, awesome knowledgable instructor and great atmosphere.  If you want quality training you must go to Fuze Bartending School.  I am super satisfied with my training and highly recommend Fuze.

Leidy J.  – Flushing, NY  ~~ 8/17/2015
Highly recommended!!!  Not only did the school look amazing inside, the classes were very informative and fun.  The instructor kept it interesting and made sure I felt confident.  I passed my speed test with flying colors and I landed a job a week later!  Thank you Fuze!